Friday, July 31, 2009

“Rebirth From Failure” by Darolyn

This was an 8 X 8 inch failure at one time. I was not happy at the direction I was going and changed it. It was "officially" completed in 2009. It happens to be a favorite of my husband.
As always, it is on wrapped favorite because it needs NO frame! It also includes my signature.
I started out working on an abstract piece of art using my black glue (Elmers glue with black acrylic paint). It just was not working for me. So, I completely painted the canvas black to "start over". What it did was create a cool texture. I love the pink and green on this black.
Up close shot of the textured background created with the black glue.
I added some polka dots for some interest.

You can buy this piece on eBay by clicking here: Rebirth from Failure

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