Friday, July 31, 2009

"Swirling Hearts" by Darolyn

These pieces are sold as a set and are 8 X 8 inches each. Both pieces were completed around Valentines Day 2009. I guess you could say I was a little inspired by the day....

When painting these pieces, I was using a monochromatic color scheme. But decided they needed a little punch. So, I added the polka dots and swirls using black glue.
Wrapped canvas with color extended to create a "ready to hang" piece of art. All my art is signed by me.
Close up of polka dots. The dots were added by using the end of the paint brush. They were added to frame the heart.
Close up of the "swirly" technique used in painting the hearts. I used many layers of paint to enhance the look. Some of the paint has a bit of shimmer. I would let it dry in between coats.

When adding the paint, I used a stick to blend/texturize the layers.

You can buy this piece on eBay by clicking here:

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